Leopard print, Cosy knits & Winter warmers #LittleLoves

life as our little family

Last weekend was blooming lovely, I can’t say the same for this week but let’s not focus on that. It was a weekend of pottering about, shopping trips (we may have picked up our first Christmas decoration), breakfast dates and lets not forget a conker adventure or two. We found a secret conker tree very close to where we live and were sworn to secrecy by the little old lady who lived right next to it. She came out with a really large stick, told Lil G to enjoy himself and then said sssshhhhh as she explained that we weren’t to speak a word. You can imagine his excitement, sadly his secret didn’t last very long as he took Mr H back within a few hours. I guess telling Mr H isn’t really breaking the rules hey?

And here are this week’s little loves…


There’s something about Autumn which makes me want to cosy up under a blanket with a nice cup of tea and a magazine. I did just that at the weekend and I won’t lie it was the perfect way to spend a chilly morning.

life as our little family


Moving on. There is nothing to see here (sorry about that, I will do better next week)…


On Thursday night I have the pleasure of taking Lil G to his swimming class. He’s really pushing on at the minute and it makes me so proud to be able to see how much he enjoys it. He may not have the power like some of the children in his class but he copes so well and isn’t deterred. I’ve written a little post about how my gorgeous boy continues to amaze me.

life as our little family


Mr H made one of his winter warmers this week, his corned beef hash with gerkins. It really is scrummy and perfect for the colder nights we have been having this week.

life as our little family


This skirt. Those boots. I won’t lie I felt like a princess swooshing around in this skirt at the weekend. I actually picked the skirt up on from Zara when we holidayed in Spain and the cosy knit is from Next. And oh my goodness, I stumbled upon these gorgeous leopard print boots when I ran into Primark to pick up a stock of tights. They were GBP12, an absolute bargain and best of all they are so blooming comfy.

life as our little family life as our little family

And lastly…

Mr H is off out with the boys on Saturday for a birthday and so, silly me has planned for Lil G to have a sleepover at our house on the same weekend. What was I thinking? Hopefully they sleep and I get to watch a girly movie. Any recommendations? Have a lovely weekend little loves crew and don’t forget to tag your family adventures using the tag #MyFamilyAdventures over on Instagram. I’d love you to join in.

KA x


  1. Jade @ Captured By Jade

    Ah, I love the conker tree story. Corned beef hash is such a winter warmer dish.. Minus the gherkins for me, thanks!! Love the blush pink and grey combination of your outfit.
    I hope you have a great week!

  2. Life As Our Little Family

    It was so sweet seeing the little lady tell George that he can’t tell anyone. Such a sweetie. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Love your skirt K-A! Gorgoues.. I hope the sleepover goes well! Love the conked picture! We love Conner picking! Have a wonderful weekend X

  4. Life As Our Little Family

    Thank you love, it’s my new favourite. Sadly I can’t wear it every day. Yay for conkers and eek for the sleepover. Have a lovely weekend x

  5. Ah, corned beef hash. My mum used to make this all the time, I must trey a re-create it. Used to love it as a kid! I got to read my book for an hour yesterday, during the day time and it felt like such a treat. Nothing better than getting cosy with a blanket and a book!

  6. Life As Our Little Family

    It really is yummy. Well done for reading your book! Yay for me time. x

  7. Love the swishy skirt and comfy knit combo, I’ll definitely be trying that one out!
    We’ve got a sleepover at ours on Saturday too, I really hope they settle quick as I know the two girls that are staying over are early risers (unlike my two). I hope your sleepover goes well and they actually sleep! xx

  8. Life As Our Little Family

    Thank you honey, I have to say its a favourite new outfit. Eek are they, good luck with that! Have a lovely weekend x

  9. Good luck with the sleepover eek! Still can’t get over those boots and what a bargain they are. Look so good with jeans ???? Loving Lil G in his swimming hat, he looks very pleased with himself. Having a great weekend. x

  10. Life As Our Little Family

    Its well under way, it have been mental and one of them still isn’t asleep (9.30pm). Have a lovely weekend x

  11. Emily and Indiana

    Oh what a lovely story about the conker tree – definitely not cheating to tell daddy! So lovely to hear Lil G’s doing so well, I love his swimming hat ???? xx

  12. Life As Our Little Family

    Oh it is, but do you know what the boys went back today and another lady wasn’t quite as nice and asked the boys to leave ????

  13. Carly @acupfullofglitter

    I adore that skirt! I love your style.
    We are loving collecting conkers too.
    Have a fab week. xx

  14. Life As Our Little Family

    Thank you lovely that’s so nice of you. I am in love too. Have a lovely weekend x

  15. Chantal Milk&Nappies

    OH I NEED to get those boots from Primark – what a bargain! And what a treat finding a secret conker tree – all of our local ones are bare! xx

  16. Life As Our Little Family

    Oh you definitely do honey they are an absolute steal! The new mummy shoe. x

  17. Oh those boots are amazing. I wish I could pull off leopard print. Looking stylish as ever. Little G is growing up so fast. He looks taller, older, and more mature lately.. it’s crazy how all the sudden they grow up on us isn’t it? Loving the winter cozy vibes. I want an open fire someday to sit in front of in the winter times. Nothing better than being wrapped up and cozy with a book or magazine. happy week. #littleloves

  18. Life As Our Little Family

    Aww I could definitely see you in leopard print! Oh he is, I’m really noticing it at the minute. Ooh the sound of an open fire sounds heavenly x

  19. Tracey Williams

    How lovely for the lady to tell Lil G about the secret conker tree. Oh my the corn beefed hash looks yummy, and I never think to make something like this. But I am sure my kids would love this. You always look so super stylish, and love your boots. Have a great week and here is hoping for some Autumn sunshine #littleloves x

  20. Life As Our Little Family

    It was a nice thing to do. Its a tasty one is this corned beef hash! It has been a gorgeous weekend so I am hopeful of some more x

  21. Oh I love that swishy skirt & boot combo and those leopard print boots are fab!
    I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Vx

  22. Life As Our Little Family

    Aww thank you, I’m a huge fan and I’m hoping people don’t think I have no clothes when I wear it more than a few times! x

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