#MySundayPhoto – Autumn Scenes

life as our little family

As we drove past this marshland which is very close to where we live, Lil G asked if we could walk back with our wellie boots on and kick the leaves into the air. The ground was awash with so many different colours and so, that is what we did. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than a little walk out with my gorgeous boy, enjoying autumn. It was the first time since autumn arrived that I had noticed the leaves falling from the trees, as beautiful as that was, as well as being so much fun to watch Lil G trying to catch them, it also made me feel a little sad.

As we looked up we could see so many naked branches and it very quickly reminded me that these beautiful colours will soon be gone. This sea of colour will soon be replaced with twigs and mud. What I do love about autumn is the excitement that fills our gorgeous boys face. He loves an adventure and autumn has most definitely been that for him and us. I love the blue of his bobble hat against the colours around us. I love the sound of the trees swaying in the wind and I love the colours in the sky. May it stay for just a little while longer.

life as our little family life as our little family

What do you love about Autumn?

KA x



  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    Beautiful photos! I feel just the same as you. I love the autumn colours, but the thought of the grey, the mud, the dark and the cold to come don’t fill me with joy. Roll on spring!

  2. Life As Our Little Family

    Thank you Sarah. The dark has hit me right in the face today. Although I guess there is Christmas to look forward to now! x

  3. Oh those Autumn colours. I wish Autumn lasted longer
    Thank you for linking up

  4. Life As Our Little Family

    Me too, its been a blooming lovely autumn

  5. Fiona Cambouropoulos

    What a lovely park with those beautiful autumn colours. Nothing better than a crisp autumn day for some outdoor fun

  6. Life As Our Little Family

    Aww thank you Fiona. Such a lovely time of year

  7. Certainly gorgeous colours. I hate when it’s all brown, so nice to hold onto the greens and brighter clothing. Such a shame that so much of this age boys wear is now the dull greys and blacks in the older boys kids wear. #livingarrows

  8. Life As Our Little Family

    You can’t beat a truly beautiful autumnal day x

  9. Sarah christie

    Oh same here is the colours and magic in the area at this time of year. However I do love Snow and frost if we haven’t got to be anywhere x

  10. Life As Our Little Family

    Oh yes, I won’t deny that the snow and frost is beautiful too, I think there is more to be had in autumn x

  11. Madeline (This Glorious Life)

    Love the top photo, his expression is great! I love Autumn so much, all the colours and the cosiness. x #LivingArrows

  12. Life As Our Little Family

    Aww thank you. He does enjoy the winter and getting out x

  13. I love autumn, mostly just for the leaves! These photos are lovely and I now just want to go and run in the leaves x

  14. Life As Our Little Family

    Me too, they are just so pretty although a little slippy under foot at times x

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