Pumpkins, A lazy weekend & Monster shakes #LittleLoves

life as our little family

Another lazy weekend followed by a much calmer week and lets not forget it’s half-term for our gorgeous boy. Lil G has a teacher training day on Friday and so the battle of childcare, sports club and my one day off begins. I do wish it could be different and I was able to take more leave to spend his holidays with him. It really pulls on my heart strings, all I want to do is start the day with a nice cup of tea, snuggles in bed and making plans for a day of fun together. I will hold on to that thought for when we have our mummy and son day together on Monday.


Lil G’s spelling book. He came home with spellings for the first time last week and has aced both tests since. Both weeks he has managed 6 out of 6 and I can’t tell you how proud I am. We both are.They only have 6 days to learn these spellings and I just think it is blooming amazing.


The Missing. Have you seen it? Oh my goodness, I remember seeing the first series last year which completely broke my heart and kept me watching all at the same time. This series is no different in the sense that the story is gripping, upsetting and by the end I do feel emotionally drained. That said it really is one to watch. Already after watching the first two episodes I just can’t help but think about it. What if? Why?

And of course, I watched Lil G picking out his pumpkins at our local PYO farm. We escaped our lazy Sunday for an hour, it was a really lovely hour. The sun came out and just look at that blue sky.

life as our little family life as our little family life as our little family


Kill the lights – Alex Newell, Jess Glynne, DJ Cassidy with Nile Rogers. It’s actually a song from the HBO series Vinyl. I love this type of music.


It was all about these monster shakes on Sunday morning. The perfect accompaniment to our lazy start, snuggled under a blanket whilst we slurped and watched a movie. The recipe is here if you fancy a snoop.

monster milkshakes

monster milkshakes


Layers. Oh how I love the colours and layers of my autumn wardrobe. I love nothing more than an oversized cardigan and a mini skirt. The perfect autumn look. And lets not forget boots.

life as our little family life as our little family

And lastly…

Mr H and I are off to Manchester on Saturday for a little date day. I’m so glad that we make time to do this together. Lil G is off to a friends for the day and night, apparently the three children will be sleeping under the stars (indoors that is in wig wams), in their sleeping bags and toasting marshmallows. Lil G is so excited. I won’t lie, as much as it is lovely to spend the day with Mr H I am already looking forward to cuddles on Sunday morning.

I hope you have a lovely weekend little loves crew. Ooh and before I forget, if you are thinking of ordering some prints from LaLaLab then do used my code and you’ll get GBP5 worth of free prints. I am a little bit addicted to printing off photos at the minute which Lil G loves too. I am just waiting for two more deliveries and then its time to update our photo wall again. Yay.

la la lab


  1. Kimberley | Ohjustmylittleblog

    Your photos are stunning! The monster shake looks amazing, I might have to try it! x

  2. Life As Our Little Family

    Aww thank you lovely, you have to try it, it really is yummy and the perfect weekend treat x

  3. Emily and Indiana

    Ooh how yummy do those monster shakes look, I know a little lady who would adore one! Well done Lil G with his spelling, that’s amazing – I’m not surprised you’re super proud! xx

  4. Life As Our Little Family

    They really are yummy. Definitely try them. And yes I do feel so proud at the minute, well I guess always really x

  5. So nice to get out and pick your pumpkins and the sun come out too that’s heavenly. That blue sky looks divine as does the milkshake. You are talented with those for sure. Sounds like you had a lovely week. Love the outfits I have been lazy on the wardrobe this week. I need more sweaters and cozy wear for sure. Happy weekend ahead #littleloves

  6. Life As Our Little Family

    Aww thank you lovely. I love getting out to the pumpkin patch. Ooh I love shopping for cosy knits, don’t forget to pull last years out too! x

  7. Love everything about your LittleLoves this week K-A.. The monster shakes look out of this world! I am half way through this weeks The Missing but I am thoroughly enjoying it! Well done Lil G on his spelling test! Have a wonderful weekend lovely xx

  8. Life As Our Little Family

    Aww thank you lovely. You should try the shakes with your littles this week on half-term. Its a tough series to watch isn’t it! Have a lovely week x

  9. Wow, those monster shakes look amazing! Loving your shots of the pumpkin patch too, looks like lots of fun was had! Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  10. Life As Our Little Family

    They’re so tasty, you can’t beat a sunny day at the pumpkin patch. I hope you have a lovely week x

  11. Gemma @ gemslittletreasures

    All ingredients for the monster shakes were purchased today and I can’t wait to make some up! Lil G looks so fab in those pumpkin ears and well done to him for those spellings. I really need to start listening to music again. It seems I am completely behind on anything new and I just don’t seem to get the chance to listen to anything, so definitely something I need to make the effort to do more of. Hope you had a great date day-it looked fab on IG stories x

  12. Life As Our Little Family

    I rarely do listen to music as i’m not in the car often now, when we’re out as a family Mr H and Lil G take over! I do love finding new songs though. Aww thank you honey, we had a super day x

  13. It looks like you had a wonderful time at the pumpkin patch, such gorgeous weather too.
    I hope you have a lovely day with Lil G today xx

  14. Life As Our Little Family

    Oh we did, great little place locally. We were blessed with the weather x

  15. catherine @pushingthemoon

    Oh my word, the Monster Shake looks amazing! I think I’d need to lie down after having one of those! #LittleLoves xxx

  16. Life As Our Little Family

    It was pretty spectacular!

  17. Life As Our Little Family

    They are so blooming tasty Catherine. Oh and yes, expandable pants and a little lie down is essential! x

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