The Benefits of Owning a Dog with Kids

life as our little family

Kids love pets. If you do not currently own one, and your little ones are old enough to speak, the chances are you are being constantly nagged to get a dog, cat, rabbit or some other pet. Children cannot resist a furry friend, and there are many good reasons to consider getting one, especially a dog.

Dogs keep kids healthy

Most of us realise the importance of keeping our kids active. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn that owning a dog is good for their health. After all, running around and playing all day with a pet means they are moving far more than they would otherwise. However, what surprises many parents is the fact that owning a dog can also be good for their child’s immune system.

A detailed study carried out in Sweden looked at how exposure to pets and farm animals affected the immune system of babies, and very young children. Their results were startling.

You can read more about them here. They found that babies, and children, that lived around animals had a far lower chance of developing asthma, catching ear infections, and other common childhood ailments. These kids stayed healthy for more of the year than their counterparts who did not have pets, to the point where children with animals ended up taking fewer antibiotics.

Dogs help social development

Having a dog in the family has also been shown to help with social development. Children that own dogs are more confident, have higher self-esteem, and usually grow into empathetic adults.

If you have a child that is shy, being bullied has learning difficulties or a condition such as ADHD, getting a dog could be a lifeline for them. Again, numerous studies, from across the world, show that having a furry companion enables them to quickly develop skills that help them to cope, and develop.

life as our little family

Dogs can help with reading

Another benefit that is not obvious is that owning a dog or cat could help your child to learn to read better. Studies show that children enjoy reading aloud to their pets. They like doing something for their pet, and see it as a way to have fun with them.

The fact that the dog or cat does not correct them as they are reading means that they feel confident enough to read aloud. If a child cannot read a word, they just guess it, or skip over it in some way. Next time they read the story in all likelihood, they have learnt more words, so read it better. Either way the dog or cat is not bothered. They enjoy the contact with the child and listen intently to the sound of their voice while they read. When a child reads aloud, they are tapping into a different form of learning. This enables the child to learn faster than those who do not read aloud, on a regular basis.

life as our little family

If you want to learn more about the benefits of owning a dog, you can do so at Clearly, owning a pet is a big responsibility, but the benefits it can bring to your children means that getting one is something that is always worth considering.

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