#MySundayPhoto – Landscape

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For this week’s My Sunday Photo I thought I would share one of Mr H’s photo’s with you. On Saturday he rode off on a little adventure with a group of friends. They took to the Derbyshire hills for a 5-hour bike trek and boy did they have an adventure. What with the unusual weather we are experiencing they rode through spring, summer, autumn and winter. And in true life as our little family style he stopped at a few points along the way to capture the views for me. This is my favourite. I love the bright blue sky and tufts of green grass, the crispness of the water and the snow glistening on the mountain tops. For me this photo captures the many different faces of April.

I hope you’re all having a super bank holiday.

KA x


  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    What a fantastic photo. It sounds like he had a great ride. My husband is doing Ride London in summer – 100 miles! So far he’s only ridden about 45 in training.

  2. Life As Our Little Family

    Thank you, oh crikey is he, big feat! Good luck to him

  3. I love this shot so much.. the sky and it’s reflection are perfection. ♥

  4. Life As Our Little Family

    It’s just so clear isn’t it, I’d love to see the reflection of the sky in the water

  5. Sarah Stockley

    Beautiful shot!

  6. Life As Our Little Family

    Thank you on his behalf

  7. Look at that view, awesome photo Mr H. Have a great weekend
    Thank you for linking up

  8. Life As Our Little Family

    Great view isn’t it, I think he’s been taking secret lessons ????

  9. Oh my! This is such a beautiful photo -the view is stunning. I’m sure he had a great ride. x

  10. Life As Our Little Family

    He did have a great ride, thankfully he had time to stop on the way

  11. Kim Carberry

    That is such a beautiful scene!

  12. Life As Our Little Family

    When I saw the pic I was quite jealous, although not of the pain he is in from the bike ride ????

  13. Emma Raphael

    Just stunning. England is so very beautiful at times! ????

  14. Life As Our Little Family

    Aww see I think it is all of the time, more so depending on where you are

  15. You Baby Me Mummy

    Wow gorgeous scenery! x

  16. Life As Our Little Family

    Being in the middle of the countryside is pretty spectacular x

  17. This is a beautiful image and you are right, is definitely captures all the different ‘faces’ of April

  18. Life As Our Little Family

    It’s crazy to think of all the different seasons we’ve had in the one day let alone month x

  19. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    Not your everyday photo on the 1st of May with all that snow on the hills but stunning non the less.

  20. Life As Our Little Family

    I know right, such a stark contrast to this time last year!

  21. Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope)

    Amazing amazing landscape! #mysundayphoto

  22. Life As Our Little Family

    Thanks so much!

  23. HodgePodgeDays

    What a lovely photo – he’s got a good eye! Love the colours and the reflections #MySundayPhoto

  24. Life As Our Little Family

    He’ll be very happy to hear you say that!

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