#MySundayPhoto – Autumn Love

life as our little family

Until Friday morning arrived I had planned to share a photo with you of the pumpkin patch we visited last weekend. That was until I passed this stretch of grassland as I drove to the office on Friday morning, I couldn’t help but stop, smile and more importantly grab a quick photo of the moment. I really do love this time of year. What’s not to love about waking up to this scene. This beautiful open space is just a few minutes from where we live, we regularly make the walk along the pathway on a school day, its where we walk our furry baby, its the place where we built our first snowman. Perfect for sledging when it snows and lets not forget enjoying a picnic during the summer time.

KA x


  1. I love mornings like this. I love the grass with a little morning dew
    Thank you for linking up

  2. Life As Our Little Family

    Its such a beautiful time of day, my favourite at this time of year

  3. Sarah christie

    Such a beautiful photo, I love the colours of autumn it’s such a beautiful time of year, x

  4. Life As Our Little Family

    Thank you Sarah, it really is a beautiful time of year x

  5. Coombe Mill

    I love this photo, it feels so crisp, like the air in the morning, Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  6. Life As Our Little Family

    It was a gorgeous time of the day, I just wish I could have stood there and took it all in x

  7. Tamar Strauss-Benjamin

    I love the crisp fall fog!

  8. Life As Our Little Family

    Such a beautiful time of year

  9. Jade @ Captured By Jade

    A crisp autumnal scene!

  10. Kim Carberry

    That is such a beautiful scene! A real Autumn morning x

  11. Life As Our Little Family

    It was one of those stop you in your tracks kind of scenes x

  12. Gemma @ gemslittletreasures

    Gorgeous and it’s so lovely when you see the beauty right on your doorstep! X

  13. Life As Our Little Family

    It really is a lovely morning walk or drive in this instance x

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