Healthy Eating Travel Tips

Healthy Eating Travel Tips

Traveling Tips for Healthy Eaters



Hey everyone!  I am currently out of town visiting my parents and while I was getting all my food and goodies together during the day (yesterday), I had an AHA moment with some great tips and ideas.  I’m sure someone else has done this, but it’s new to me and I must pass on to YOU.

I always carry my own food with me when I travel.  The reason I do this is because my body does not like it if I stray from my regular diet.  Being that I am also gluten intolerant makes it even more FUN! (sarcasm) The times that I have ventured off the path and tried some food that I thought would be OK, well let’s just say “It wasn’t pretty.”  I just have to be careful what I eat and how it is prepared.  I know what works best for my body and I lovingly choose to give it the best.  It is a beautiful symbiotic relationship and we’ve got  a good thing going when we work together.   We’re both happy this way.  I just have to pay attention to keeping my diet and lifestyle in balance.   I’ve gotten quite good at planning ahead and it is has become second nature for me to do this.  No big deal at all.

 I usually carry my supplements, smoothie and tonic makings with me in individual containers (ex. Maca, hemp seeds, Dandy Blend, almond butter, etc., etc.)  I thought “Why not put it all into a jar because it’s all going to be blended in the Vitamix anyways.”  It was a “DUH!!! – why hadn’t I have thought of this sooner, yet at the same time I thought  “This is BRILLIANT!”  Fortunately, my parents have a Vitamix at their house so that I don’t have to bring mine.  If they didn’t, I would SO BE BRINGING my Vitamix baby with me. 


So, I proceeded to put all my dry ingredients for the HOT green smoothie into a small mason jar.  It consists of a knob of ginger root, Maca, Ashwaganda, one date, chia seeds and Triphala.  I cut off a small section of my aloe leaf, put into a baggie and got together the apple, banana and beet greens that will accompany the other ingredients in the blender.


This technique uses less space in the cooler, only ONE jar to clean, it’s quick and easy to put together, less time measuring ingredients into blender and more time spent drinking this little green beauty in the morning. 



I did the same thing with the Happy Hormone Tonic ingredients – EVERYTHING in ONE jar.  I LOVE it!


Now, before I left our house, I roasted a spaghetti squash in the morning, let it cool and scrapped out the inside into a container to take with me.


I put some marinara sauce in a small mason jar (now thinking about this, I could have just put sauce on top of squash in container and saved a jar – oh well, I know for next time), chopped fresh basil and some chevre goat cheese in separate baggies for my dinner meal last night. 


All I had to do was mix the spaghetti squash and marinara together and heat in the oven.  Once heated, I topped with fresh basil and goat cheese and was ready to eat.  It was DELICIOUS!!  I put a few other items in the large travel baggie such as an herbal tea, NuNaturals stevia along with a small container of freshly made guacamole (always a quick go-to staple), some gluten free brown rice bread and I was ready to travel with convenience and healthy items.

Pre-planning is the key!  I hope these tips and information helped someone a bit.  I know it has me for future outings and get-aways.  I always like to learn something new to make life easier so that I can enjoy it more.    I’ll be back home to Scott and the dogs tonight and have more great posts coming to you all week long.


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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