Puerto Rico Retreat Experience and Lots of Pictures!

Puerto Rico Retreat Experience and Lots of Pictures!

Puerto Rico Retreat Experience

Hola!  and Welcome back, my friends! 

 Thank you ALL for the support, well wishes and love you sent my way whilst on my journey.  And a journey and experience it was!  A GREAT one at that!  There were a few hiccups along the way – but everything worked itself out and was great. 

My flight to Rincon, Puerto Rico got in around 3 a.m. on Wednesday, August 28th.  My fabulous taxi driver, Elier Lopez, was waiting for me in the airport and whisked me to the house where the retreat was being held – Casa Azul.

 photo casaazul1_zpseef791a2.jpg

It was 4 a.m. till we arrived and to our surprise, the electricity was OUT in the whole neighborhood.  WHAT!  Luckily, I had slipped a mini flash light into my suitcase and pulled it out to be able to see how to get into the house (I had a key) and maneuver with ease.  My flight was the first one IN that day, so I was by myself in the house till around 10 or so till the other leaders (Jackie, Fern and Willa) arrived.  Elier had talked to me in the car ride about how layed back, safe and friendly the people were.  So, being in a strange house, in a strange town, I really felt OK and at peace.  I chose a room and crashed for a few hours. Power came back on by early afternoon – so no worries.

Here are some of the views I took pictures of from the back porch of house – right off the kitchen. 

The weather was absolutely PERFECT the whole time!  Some afternoon showers – then cleared up and was lovely.  I could live here during the winter – nice and warm!

 photo view1_zps9b3b2be3.jpg

That is a hawk in the left hand corner that was flying around the porch and then flew off into the distance. A good sign for me!

 photo view2_zps59893846.jpg

 photo view3_zpsf6a73660.jpg

 photo view4_zps9004356e.jpg

 photo view7_zpsab287405.jpg

 photo view6_zps4e4ce503.jpg

Later that morning, I finally got to meet Jackie in person, after many months of phone calls, emails, messaging and such.  What a grand union!  I also met Fern and Willa. 

 photo leaders_zps4474fafe.jpg

Me, Jackie Knechtel, Willa Kammerer & Fern Langham