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Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

♥ Do People That Eat Margarine Really Know How It’s Manufactured? – Choose REAL fat!  The body knows how to work with it and actually requires it for many important functions, regulating hormones, feeding the brain and more.  I use ghee, organic coconut oil, REAL butter (Kerry gold – best deal at Costco), avocado oil, avocados, olives for REAL food fat in my diet.  Share this link with people you know that use margarine and the fake stuff.  Knowledge is power – then they can make their own choice. 

♥ The (Real) Reason We Should All Meditate - This is GREAT!  This makes sense to me. 

The Year of the Wood Sheep: An Astrological Map of the Year. – Very cool read. 

♥ Embrace yourself – For all of YOU.  Enjoy!

♥ Cooling Inflammation: Gut Flora and Diet – Outstanding article and diagram in regards to gut health and why the micro flora in our guts is such an integral part of our makeup.  I take probiotics and feed the healthy colony with Inulin.   It has made a HUGE difference in my digestive issues.  This is the probiotic (highest quality I have found with the RIGHT bacteria) and Pre-biotic I use:  Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Colon Capsules, 60 Count and NOW Foods Inulin Prebiotic Fos, 8 Ounces.

I take one probiotic every night and take up to 3 tsps. of the inulin throughout the day in my drinks – morning coffee, herbal tea, protein smoothie.  Start slowly with the inulin (1 tsp.) and build up to your tolerance.  Some days I go higher to feed my little bacteria buddies.  You only have to take one bottle of probiotic and then continue to feed the healthy bacteria with the inulin.  The inulin is cheap.  Let me know if you want more information on this subject and I will post about it. 


♥ 18th/19th February 2015: New (Black) Moon – Straddling the Ages – Yep. More astrology stuff.  This is such fascinating and empowering insight from Sarah Varcas.

Instantly Open Tight Hips With These 8 Stretches – Pigeon pose is my favorite and I do it every night before going to bed.  I will incorporate some of these others.  #5 looks interesting. 

♥ Another reason to cut back on soda – Please don’t drink sodas at all!  If it’s not the sugar, the toxic ingredients should make you go “YIKES!”  Please read and share to those who do drink sodas and let them make their own informed choice. 

♥ Do Menstrual cups Make you Squeamish? Five Women Tell All -  Nope, not me!  I love my Diva Cup.  I’ve had it for years.  Safer for my body and the environment.  I use the DivaCup Model Cup 1 Pre Childbirth (no kids) and it also comes in the DivaCup Model 2 Post-Childbirth.


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Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

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♥ Ritusandhi : The “Joining” of Seasons – It’s that time of year.  Transitioning from one season to the other.  Fantastic information from the sassy MonicaB on the transition of seasons and what to do for our speciifc dosha.

♥ How to Make Your Own Natural Liquid Hand Soap – LOVE this simple DIY recipe for Natural hand soap from One Green Planet!  I like using lavendar, ylang ylang and grapefruit essential oils in my mix.  Play around to create your own blend. 

♥ Freeing Ourselves from the Trap of Unworthiness.-  Great article by Brandon Gilbert!   He is the master herb guy at Hyperion Herbs – one of my favorite Chinese herb sources. 

♥ How to Cook Perfect Brown Rice –  This is by far the easiest and best way to cook brown rice that I have found.  Comes out perfect every time.  I use this technique for basmati rice too.

♥ 8 Kettlebell Exercises That’ll Sculpt Your Entire Body – I love kettlebells!  I go through spells of using them, as I do with most of my exercise regimen – I like variety and go with the seasons.  This has a good demonstration video of the exercises involved.  Kettlebells work!  You will FEEL it the next day (or so) but your body will respond quickly.  Mine always does.  You can get kettlebells at local Walmart if you are interested in trying them out.  Most sport stores have them too.  Have fun (but be careful).

♥ October 2014 Monthly Forecast - Sounds exciting! 

♥ Five Spices to Rock your Digestive World – These spices are fantastic for overall health but definitely for ones digestive system.  As always though, work on the core of your digestive issues (ex. candida, gluten sensitivity, dairy intolerance, etc.) and these spices are just companions to ones health. 

♥ Nutritional Healing and the Art of the Cleanse – Seasonal changes are a great time to do a re-boot for our systems.  I’ll be doing one in a few weeks.  It makes such a difference for the body, mind and spirit.

♥ Pick Powerful Health Benefits at the Pumpkin Patch!

 ♥ One Bowl Gluten Free Banana Bread – This banana bread is AWESOME!  One of the best recipes! .  I used NuNaturals Vanila liquid stevia instead of the honey.  Please give this one a go – you’ll be happy you did.

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