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My, How Time Flies! Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

My, How Time Flies! Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!


Today is the 1 year anniversary of this sweet blog that I created with the intention to share all that I have learned and know with ALL of YOU.  It has been such a fun and fantastic ride so far.  I have shared tons of recipes hoping to inspire you about how eating plant based foods can be healing and taste AMAZING at the same time, inspirational posts such as Thoughtful Thursdays (42 of those babies already!),  HOW TO videos (from food, rebounding exercise to hair gel) and other personal things with you that I never thought I would such as My Vulnerable Story Correlating Emotions and Health.

I care so much and am so passionate about sharing and teaching what I know and have learned (AND continuing to learn) on my journey so far with others, so that they know and feel that they are NOT alone.  That there IS guidance and resources so as to not be overwhelmed, but confident and assured in making better choices and informed decisions. I didn’t have anyone when I began my healing health journey in early 2010.  I had my own determination and intuition to heal myself along with a spunky personality to RESEARCH, EXPERIMENT, and DO IT mindset.  I have learned LOTS of what to do and what not to do.  I had people asking me “What are you doing?  You look great, lost weight, have more energy and LIFE in you.”  That is how the blog started.   This is how I have done it, continue to do it and implement new concepts and techniques into my life.  If you can take one thing away to improve the quality of your life and health – then my goal is met and my heart swells with delight that I assisted someone on their journey.  

I have had some beautiful people and new friends come into my life thru this blog that I never would have met otherwise and that is PRICELESS to me.  I feel so BLESSED!   I appreciate and respond to each comment and email that is lovingly sent my way.  YOU are important and matter to me.  Your concerns, questions, support and encouragement are so lovingly taken in with each word.    I love hearing from YOU and with special requests.  It encourages me to keep fresh and on my toes.  I just had a request from a new reader that would like for me to write a “Healing TONICS” ebook and said she would pay for it.  Thank you, dear!  I have been pondering it for some time, but didn’t think anyone would pay for it and here is someone saying “Do it and I will buy.”  OK, game on!  I am working on it!   See!  How can I be of service to YOU?  Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I had people requesting cooking classes, so I started offering Healthy Cooking Classes in my own home to teach others the beauty, ease, excitement and tastiness of plant based cooking.  It has become a HIT!   

 photo kib2_zps36052957.jpg

I never thought I would LOVE teaching these classes as much as I do – I DO!  ♥   I even started selling my Raw Chocolate Superfood Protein Bars upon many requests.  Again, I feel so blessed!

Since starting the blog a year ago, I have learned SO MUCH about myself, grown exponentially and learned to say NO to fears, YES to opportunities and miracles, change old beliefs, step outside of the box, open myself like never before, created healthy boundaries and limits AND have become more creative, loving, interactive and vulnerable (to myself and others).  What a beautiful and blessed year!  I am having such fun on this journey and with the blog.  I hope you are too.  YOU are what makes this blog thrive and spurs me on to SHARE, INSPIRE and INFORM.  Please do me a favor and share ME with others that could benefit.  My goal is to reach as many people as possible to educate about the healing power of plant based foods, inspiration, healing thru emotions and learning to MANIFEST their most amazing life.  By doing so, you are taking an active part in helping someone else along their health journey and in turn, it heals YOU.  Pretty cool, huh?!

Thank you SO, SO, SO, SO MUCH!   

I have LOTS of cool stuff coming your way down the road, but for NOW I want to give YOU an opportunity for a gift of celebration.  

My 1 year Anniversary Giveaway!

1 Lucky Reader (USA only) will win 4 of my Raw Chocolate Superfood Protein Bars

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**  For your chance to win, please leave a comment below about what brought you to this blog, why you like it or what you would like to see more of  AND share it out on FACEBOOK. **

Entries accepted till Sunday night, May 26 and I will announce winner on Monday, May 27th.

Let the comments begin! 


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

Current Happenings and Healthy Cooking Class Pictures

Current Happenings and Healthy Cooking Class Pictures

Updates and Pictures from Class

 photo kib1_zps7d913f11.jpg

I wanted to let all of you know that I will be attending a “Be the Change” seminar in Orlando, FL this coming week thru the weekend. It is time for me to step up and move beyond my comfort zone to shine my light in what I love to do and share my passions.   I will be learning how to be of service through the website and in person offering nutritional consultations, kitchen organization, healthy cooking classes and more while earning a living doing it.  I have so many ideas and projects that I would like to get going, but just not sure how to go about doing so.  I am learning from the sassy and brilliant, Suzanne Evans, how to facilitate all this into a way that I can cater more to my niche.  I am super excited about this new venture in life and open to many possibilities and miracles.

When I get back from FL., I will be home for 3 days and off again to Charleston, SC for the weekend to do a healthy cooking class for my friend, Sara Campbell in her home for her friends and family on Saturday, May 4th.  We’re expecting around 15 people.  Wow!  I am open to teaching and sharing my services of the healthy cooking classes to those who would like them.  If interested, contact me for further information.

With this being said, I’ve got a few posts ready for you (videos from my seminar last week with Dr. Gallo – coming tomorrow and of course, Thoughtful Thursdays).  So, I won’t be posting much while traveling and busy with other projects at the moment.  I will be back with more recipes and videos very soon though.

Here are some highlights from the healthy cooking class over the weekend.  I am putting out a HUGE THANK YOU for my beautiful friend, Darcey Sanders for taking such amazing and captivating photos of the class and food. Much appreciated dear! XO

 photo gssmoothie_zps33f5e41d.jpg

Gingersnap Green Smoothie

 photo eli1_zpscf27a082.jpg

My friend, Rachel with her son, Eli – he LOVES his green smoothies. Got smoothie! I love this picture!