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How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

How To Eat Healthy While Traveling

Healthy Travels

Well, I am now back home and settled in for awhile from my travels to Orlando, FL last week and from Charleston, SC this past weekend.    While in SC, I stayed with my friend, Sara Campbell in her beautiful home and was blessed to use her kitchen and cook for us all.  I did bring some basics with me while on the road traveling to her home (6 hour drive) and while staying with her at her place for a few days.  While in FL, I was gone for 5 days away from my kitchen, but I took my healthy eating along with me on the road. 

Some people say, “You travel with all this stuff!”  My answer:  This is my lifestyle.  It is how I live, thrive and prosper in my mind and body.  I don’t put myself or my health and well-being on the back burner for a few days/ week and go for total convenience in the outside world.    I have to be careful eating out at most restaurants because of gluten and many unhealthy ingredients are hidden in food, so you HAVE TO ASK and look out for yourself.  Again, my health and well being come FIRST and FOREMOST to me.  I have wavered in the past of NOT planning and taking certain ingredients/supplements/meals with me while traveling and experienced/ learned many hard lessons.  I don’t compromise anymore!  I actually went out and bought an inexpensive ($10) single unit burner/warmer so that I could heat up my meals and tonics in a skillet and small pan in the hotel room. It was small, lightweight and barely took up any room.  PERFECT!

So, let me show you how eating a healthy, plant-based diet can easily and economically be done.  It took some pre-planning, but it was SO WORTH IT. There are several STAPLES that I NEVER COMPROMISE with in my daily regime – they are my foundation: 


Prior to my FL trip, I spent a day in the kitchen making meals and prepping.  I made a large batch of stir-fry veggie quinoa, roasted root veggies, made several smoothies, zucchini hummus, filled up several containers (4 gallons) of our fresh spring water (priceless!), filled baby jars with my tonic ingredients (so it’s easy – open jar, toss ingredients in Vitamix along with water – BLEND – warm in saucepan on electric burner and Voila!  Warm, healing tonic in several minutes), pre-cut cucumbers for dipping in hummus,  bags of misc. smoothie ingredients (apples,bananas,lemons,kale) with jars of chia seeds, Maca, cacao nibs, bee pollen and goji berries,  baked a dense seed/nut bread, pre-cut the loaf for ease and use, brought several avocados, my raw cacao superfood protein bars (a complete meal), miscellaneous teas, and supplements.  I brought a mini cutting board, knife and my travel cooler always has a small jar of himalayan salt, chipotle pepper and small utensils.  Of course, my VITAMIX went with me.  She always does! 


So, my first day on the road, I had everything I needed.  My morning smoothie, snacks, afternoon smoothie and plenty of veggie options for lunch with LOTS of fresh water.  When I arrived at the hotel and checked in, I took everything to my room and got my “kitchenette” set up and filled the mini fridge.  For dinner that evening, I heated up some of the roasted veggies in my skillet on the warmer plate and made a small kale salad.  It was wonderful!  Eating clean and feeling great!  I actually felt great from the 10 hour travel. 

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I stayed at the Radisson Hotel in Orlando, FL and was highly impressed with its cleanliness, friendly/helpful staff, beautiful room, large bathroom, Sleep Number beds, down comforter and much more. I would stay with them again if I ever go back to the area.  Fantastic experience.  My seminar was located about a mile away at the Peabody Hotel – can I just say “WOW!” What a place.   I loved being able to walk around everywhere. Orlando was clean, friendly and safe!

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With each day attending the seminar that went from  8 a.m. to 9 p.m (with a few breaks in between along with lunch and dinner break), I took my tea canister with tea inside and filled up with hot water provided at seminar, morning smoothie (which I made fresh each morning), lunch (bread with avocado/salt/chipotle pepper – YUM!), protein bars, water, stevia for sweetening tea.  A few nights, I would walk back to room for dinner and then walk back to seminar.

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Found some pretty flowers outside the hotel (jasmine in the center) to enjoy and liven up the room.

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Miscellaneous teas