Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

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♥ Are You Frightened of Change? –  I can SO RELATE to this!  Thanks, Katie Manning, for sharing this part of you. You are not alone.  Embrace change – it is a beautiful thing in one’s life – whether we know it now or later. 

♥ The Experts Weigh In: Hittin’ the Road Yogi-Style! -  Great article by FERN LANGHAM with wonderful tips and insight on how to travel AYURVEDA style.  My kind of girl!  

♥ Top 30 Plants to Detox Your Home. – Detoxing the body is just part of the equation.  Detoxing the home and environment is very important too.  Plants are a great way to accomplish this.  I love having planting in each room of my house.  They make me smile and clean the air for me.  Learn which plants are best to suit your needs.  OH! and they like to be talked to. I talk lovingly to my plants when watering them and they seem to thrive.  I do the same for my outside plants and garden plants.

♥ This Week in Astrology – 1st – 7th July 2013 – MORE Fantastic insight from Leah Whitehorse!

♥ July Forecast 2013 - The themes for July 2013 are EXPANSION, DISCIPLINE, and MAGIC.

♥ The Pros & Cons Of 3 Popular Fad Diets with Dr Hyman – Interesting article!  I agree that it is BEST to choose QUALITY at all times.

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