Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday

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♥  NEW MOON in Cancer July 8th, 2013 – Amazing insight for the coming month!

♥ Recognizing Common Pitta Imbalances – Fantastic Ayurveda information and guidance for you lovely Pittas. 

♥ Is Fear Making You Cling To What No Longer Serves You? – This is SO INSPIRING!

♥ 10 Ways You Know Yoga is Working. – Yes, I agree!  Lovely insight.

♥  Gluten-Free Recipe: Crunchy Toffee Butter Cups – Check out these gorgeous toffee superfood treats.   You can fill your body with nutrition and have your sweets too! So honored to be featured on Mind Body  Enjoy!

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♥ Fasting- Ayurveda Style – For all doshas – The wonderful MonicaB is back and ready to accept questions and dish out the scoop in her fun, savvy and inspiring way.  I did a Kitchari day last week and loved it.  Monica provides a link on INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE KITCHARI CLEANSE.

♥ Love Your Body, Love Your Soul -  This is a fantastic post on body-mind awareness and acceptance.  Love yourself NOW.  Start this moment in the NOW. 

♥ Here’s how to become spiritually & emotionally fit! – ALWAYS have Faith!  Bring it on!

♥ YOGA WITH CLAIRE: TWISTS 4 HEALTHY DIGESTION – Great yoga video for assisting digestion and detoxing our organs.  I love twists and this is a soothing, educational guide.  Check out Claire’s post for further information.

♥ How Turning the Food Pyramid on Its Head Can Help You Slim Down -  Important read!  Yes, turn the food around and you can turn your health and life around for the better.




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I am passionate about healthy living, healthy eating, organic gardening, and having fun along the way. My approach to healing focuses not only on the foods you put into your mouth but also incorporates the elements of body, mind and spirit.

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  1. Amazing list, Kibby! The piece on the New Moon and the piece from The Daily Love were both really helpful for me right now. Not surprisingly, the universe (through you), delivered me exactly what I needed. <3

  2. I always love these posts Kibby! Congrats on being featured on Mind Body Green! I love the article on the Food Pyramid. Something I’ve come to agree with in the last little while- my grain consumption has plummeted!

    • Thanks, Gabby! I know, I’ve cut down on my grain consumption too and I feel better. Once in a while is fine. Have a great week and hope you are doing well. XO

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