Thoughtful Thursday

Thoughtful Thursday


♥ Got Plaque? Want to Detox? Try Oil Pulling! (It’s Not as Crazy as it Sounds) – Fantastic article about oil pulling by Elizabeth at The Nourished Life.  I started oil pulling several years ago (off and on) but have been oil pulling daily for several months now.  Yes, there are results – good ones!  I had a loose tooth and after oil pulling for about a week or so – that tooth is nice and tight within the gums.   I use coconut oil sometimes, but have lately changed over to sesame seed oil (unprocessed, raw).  I think I will try Elizabeth’s recommendation of the olive oil and see how it goes.  I start off every a.m. with tongue scraping and then follow up with oil pulling.  My a.m. self-nurturing/self-healing ritual.   Tip:  Spit out oil after pulling in the trash can – not the sink or toilet.  The oils might clog the pipes.

♥ NEW MOON in Sagittarius December 2, 2013 – Mystic Mama delivers insightful links to the New Moon in December and MORE!

♥ 30 Healthy Christmas Cookies – Fantastic selection of healthy cookies to make for any occasion.

♥ If things aren’t happening how you want them to – CELEBRATE! -  Love this!

♥ Eat What Ever The Fuck Your Body Wants Whenever It Wants, + 5 Other Diets Explained - Thank you Vienda Maria for sharing this post.  I have been implementing this strategy with myself for some time and it is so freeing on several levels, but most of all – I have become more intuitive with my body and my life.  Listen.  Just LISTEN.  Let the noise settle and listen for the wisdom and insight that is IN ALL OF US. 

♥ December Forecast 2013 – Love these monthly astrological insights from the School of Shamanism.  The theme for December is ADJUSTMENT.  It is about making small alterations and fine-tuning your intentions and action plans and paying attention to what is working and what is not. It is about moving everything into a better fit.  

♥ Herbs: A Simple “Green” Way to Help Boost Your Cat’s Health and Happiness - This is a great site for holistic pet care.

♥ The Healing Qualities of Sleep – Quality sleep is SO IMPORTANT to our health and most people brush it to the side.  Learn more how to stay healthy, strengthen immune system and even lose weight with some basics to turning your ZZZZ’s into AAHHH’s.

♥ Should You REALLY Follow Food Combining Rules? – Great article regarding food combining.  I follow it and it has helped me immensely.  Give it a try and learn more.

♥ Ayurvedic Insights into Smartphone Culture & Kids – I found this article very fascinating and would love to hear what you think.


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May the GREENS be with You! and Be Inspired!

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  1. Love these Thoughtful Thursday inspirations and motivators. I am ever so grateful for YOU…who makes my soul bloom and heart sing! Thank you for your friendship.

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