I LOVE my Vitamix blender!

Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Package

Certified Reconditioned 7500 Next Generation Model

I never would have thought I would feel this way about a kitchen appliance.  It is like NO OTHER out there. 

You’re thinking, “What’s so great about a blender?!”  Well, I’m here to tell you!

The Vitamix machine ruptures the cell walls of raw foods to make the enzymes more bioavailable. Valuable life-giving nutrients locked inside the pulp, peels and seeds of fruits and vegetables cannot be absorbed as easily when these foods are simply chewed. When fresh, whole foods are taken down to the cellular level by the Vitamix, the nutrients become readily available to nourish your body. Breaking the food into microscopic particles also releases more flavor, so your raw food meals are not only more nutritious, but also very delicious when made in the VITAMIX.

The powerful motor combined with stainless steel blades and a specially designed container enables this appliance to perform dozens of difficult kitchen tasks in a matter of minutes–with no need for any attachments.

Here are some of the many ways that I LOVE what my Vitamix can do for my health and how it makes life easier using it:

  • Makes the creamiest, dreamiest smoothies (fruit, green and superfood alike!)
  • Makes lovely cocktails!
  • Makes healthy, creamy nut and seed milks (almond, walnut, pecan, hemp seeds, cashew, etc.) 
  • Makes a killer ice cream in minutes!  With just a few ingredients!  Dairy-free!
  • Makes a warm or steamy soup in minutes that is full of nutrition – again, creamy and satisfying!
  • Makes dips and spreads that the store-bought stuff can’t even touch!
  • Makes sauces that will have you salivating for more!
  • Makes dressings and marinades that are “out of this world”.
  • I’ve even been known to JUICE in mine from time to time – so easy!
  • Create desserts that are delicacies!
  • Makes smoothies for my dogs to supplement their diet.  They love them!

I use my Vitamix EVERYDAY (several times a day at that)!   The amount of nutrition that I can pack into it and feed my body is AMAZING!   

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Superfood GREEN Smoothie